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  • Interiors


    Design is as much about the fine print as the headlines – the feel of a door handle in your palm, the framing of a painting in an archway, or the delicate play of sunlight on a wall. At every scale, our aim is the synthesis of vision and detail to create a complete, harmonious whole.…

  • Structural Engineering

    Structural Engineering

    The Structural Engineering team has experience in high-rise and complex building and particular knowledge of non-linear and seismic design

  • Sustainability


    Design for Sustainability outlines and assesses the methods, tools and techniques available to designers, both for design innovation and design improvement. A wide range of case studies are presented across a number of product sectors including electrical goods, IT and furniture. Initially we demonstrate product improvement and redesign, examples include those that reduce waste, pollution…

  • Workspace Consultancy

    Workspace Consultancy

    As team of designers, analysts and researchers, the Workplace Consultancy is dedicated to matching architectural and interior design with business objectives and changing needs of organizations. We explore and envision the future of communities, cultures and corporations and how these will influence our built environments. We work with clients to understand their needs and we undertake post-occupancy…